Friday, January 20, 2012

Freebie Friday's Review Roundup

Another round of quickie reviews about some great products that I found in last month's Sampler Village box!  ((This month's box just got shipped to me today - they go on sale tomorrow!))  Next week I've got some samples from Facebook contests to try. :)

Cathy's Candy Huggers (picture and website not found)
Item: Mini candy bar wrapped as fleece snowman
My Review:  OMG, this thing is SO SO SO cute!!!  I am never going to eat the candy in it - I can't bear to unwrap this adorable snowman!  I think he was made using fleece fabric.  These would make awesome decorations or party favors.  Mine hangs out in my kitchen now as a decoration. :)

Jelly Beads Designs
Etsy and Facebook
Item: Polymer Clay Holiday Ornament
My Review:  These are probably the cutest polymer clay ornaments I have ever seen.  I got a blue one and love love love it.  It is adorable, durable, and well made.  I have it permanently hung up on my wall.  From looking at the shop's feedback, it looks like it can take a while to get your order.  Handmade can take a while, and definitely polymer clay takes time -consuming and tricky - and for a shop in high demand, a long TAT is to be expected.  All her stuff looks whimsically adorable and round, just love it.

Girl Nature
Facebook and Website
Item: Cranberry Spice Lotion
My Review: This sample wasn't labeled so I had to conclude myself that it is lotion.  However, the ingredients were listed so I appreciate that. :)  The scent is Cranberry Spice - there was a lot of Cranberry-scented items in the Nov/Dec box, obviously a big scent for this season.  Totally LOVING this one.  It's unique, nothing like I've smelled before.  I usually don't like spice, but this one is very subtle, and the cranberry is a nice combo of sweet and tart.  This is one of my new favorite scents.  The lotion is also luxuriously thick and feels really good on my dry crafter's hands, very moisturizing.

{{Each Friday I do a multitude of short reviews to sum up my experiences with free product I used since the last posting.  I am not compensated for my reviews other than the fact that I did not pay for the product.  However, this product was earned through Facebook contests, other free contest means, or somehow free, through my own efforts.  The shops are not notified of the review until posted.}}

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