Friday, January 9, 2015

Day4JNAC - 13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge: Monochromatic

It's no secret blue is my most favorite color.  Yo Cupid Take A Hike by Colors by Llarowe is my biggest lemming so I'm constantly searching for a dupe.

Now, I can't say for sure this is a dupe since I don't own both to compare, but I CAN say that this is literally the exact shade of blue that is my most favorite color.  You know how you have a favorite color, but it's a certain shade within that spectrum that's your most favorite shade, the one that you think is the best representation of that color?  Yeah, this is it.

Say hello to Dream Walker by Darling Diva Polish.  This is almost a one coater polish.  I tried out some new stickers I got and I can't believe how gorgeous this looks.  I decided to be simple and go REALLY monochromatic for this post.  Just mono, haha.  I could just stare at my nails all day long.  I love it.  I'm going to get some serious mileage out of this bottle!

Also, holo.  That is all.

Photos taken outdoors in the shade.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day3JNAC - 13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge: Half and Half

So this is turning out to be *quite* the learning experience.  Things I learned yesterday: the answer to the question "Do I still need to wait several minutes after applying quick dry top coat before trying nail art with Scotch tape?" (the answer is yes); pulling tape off not-completely-dry polish creates a cool, but undesirable effect; sometimes doing lines freehand is easier; using a second color to completely cover the basecoat color is easier said than done.

However, like usual, Girly Bits did not disappoint.  Although My Ten Friends will always hold a special place in my heart, Girly Bits is quickly becoming possibly my second favorite indie brand.  The formula is so amazing that it doesn't require clean-up if you've got good technique.  Unless I slip, I'm able to paint with BOTH my hands without clean-up being warranted.  Dries quickly and the wear on it is AMAZING.  Tomorrow will be my third day wearing it and I'm willing to bet I'll end the day with hard-to-notice tip wear.  Oh, and she also makes pretty colors. ;)

Today's nail art is half and half.  Of course, this was WAY cooler in my head... also would've helped if I was patient with the tape.  Ah well, live and learn.  I used What Happens in Vegas Ends Up on Facebook (2014 version) and What Happens in Vegas Ends Up on Instagram (2014 version).  I wish the camera would capture the stunning glitters in this better - they're a gorgeous surprise.  The purple glitter in particular is breathtaking.  Maybe tomorrow's sun pictures will do it justice.

Indoor Lighting

Monday, January 5, 2015

Day2JNAC: 13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge - Happiness

So apparently I can't read and thought today's prompt was a tape mani.  Whoops!  BUT french tips *do* make me happy, so this still counts, right?  This was my first time using decorative tape so I still need some practice on using it right.  Also had trouble getting it to stick.  And WOW I did not realize how poor a clean-up job I did - once again that darn camera is unforgiving, huh?!

Although I prefer to freehand french tips, I used some tape guides to help me create tips on three nails, and accented my pointer with two strips of silver decorative tape.  I used BEWBS! and Ashes Ashes for the mani, both by Darling Diva.  Formulas are on the thicker side, but boy are they rich, deep colors kissed by holo.  Despite the formulas being a smidgen thick, it creates a solid finish - almost reminiscent of rubbery, perhaps - that is not prone to chippage.  The following are indoor pics from tonight, I'll do outdoor pics tomorrow if my mani survives well enough.

And outdoor pics in the shade!  With a JUICY bottle shot of BEWBS.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Day1CNT: 13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge - Follow A Tutorial

BKD Signature is participating in its first ever nail art challenge!  I'm joining a group of lovely bloggers in showcasing some gorgeous polishes and stunning nail art skills.  Of course, not MY stunning nail art skills, so this is a fun challenge I'm participating in to expand my skillset and challenge myself.  You can admire everyone else's beautiful works and giggle at my attempts. ;)  But most importantly, say hi to some awesome indie polishes!  My goal is to try to stick to only using handmade lacquer.

Today is Day One of The Thirteen Days of January Nail Art Challenge or #Day1CNT!  Today's theme is Follow A Tutorial.  I found inspiration from one of my awesome blogger friends, Chalkboard Nails.  I followed her ruffian mani, which you can find on Instagram.

I used NailNation 3000 "The High Life" under Girly Bits Limited Edition "Joyeux Noël".  I did this quick mani after a long day at work so please excuse the poor lighting.  I prefer to snap my mani's under natural light, but I figured moonlight wasn't enough. ;)  I'll snap better ones tomorrow and edit this post.

The High Life is a gorgeous yellow gold chock full of holo.  Joyeux Noël is a stunning magenta-leaning red with microglitter.  Had some trouble getting the NN3000 to dry (usually indies dry on my nails crazy fast), but the formula and brush were awesome for application.  The Girly Bits dried fairly quickly and also had nice application, as is my experience with GB.  Because I am not good at freehand, I used french tip nail guides to help me (which I could use practice applying).  However, I AM proud to say that my using polishes with amazing application leads to almost zero need for clean-up!

Edited to include some photos I took outdoors next day.  In the shade, in the backyard.