Friday, January 13, 2012

The Big Waste: Follow-Up

Yesterday I ran my errands, including the grocery store.  I was so proud of myself: I walked the walk to back up my talk.  They had just refilled the bananas, all of which were green. Which is fine, just means I gotta wait a couple days for them to ripen (which is what I prefer anyways).  Lo and behold, I found a double banana!  Looks like two fused together while growing.  This banana is huge (the whole crop was) and I wasn't sure if anyone would take this "freak" of nature.  But I actually think this sucker looks pretty cool. :)  Banana smoothie here I come!  When it came to picking out my other produce, I was very careful NOT to rummage through any - I shopped with my eyes.  I needed a small bell pepper and picked up one with a slightly wrinkly skin.  I could tell it was still good, it just had some funny skin.  Considering it's going into the Crockpot, I knew it was ok to take this "reject".  Or what I assumed probably would be.

I'm pretty darn proud of myself - I love putting knowledge to good use. :)  So... did you put your Big Waste knowledge to work this week?

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