Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Here at BKD Signature, we're committed to helping the earth as much as we can.  Sometimes this can be difficult since the most gorgeous and fancy packaging available to us is not usually eco-friendly.  However, our commitment to being earth friendly is more important than lots of glitter (and simple is sometimes better, right?).

We recycle or reuse all packaging materials that come in from supplies. We're researching new packaging for orders right now during our semi-hiatus and are hoping we find an eco-friendly look we love. Our soy candles are eco-friendly in that we pour into tins that are reusable and we use soy wax that is the best out there (biodegradable, kosher, vegan, etc).  We use handmade glass for our jewelry.  We continuously strive to use 3+ free polish, but we must confess that we recently discovered that SOPI is not cruelty free like we thought.  We were beyond bummed to discover this so we will be changing that once our supplies run out so we can switch over to exclusively using CF polish.  We mistakenly (and naively!) thought that all brands are cruelty free now!  However, we are very proud of the fact that about 90% of the polish we use is from handmade businesses.  All but one of our suppliers are small businesses (Sephora is the exception), all but two of which are here in the USA.  Two handmade polishes we use are international (one from Israel and one from Australia) and we think it's pretty cool that we're able to support our artisan friends abroad, too.

We're always seeking ways to be more earth friendly and improving upon our current systems!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Additions to the BKD Signature Polish Jewelry Line

When our polish jewelry line first launched, we only used My Ten Friends Nail Polish. Then we expanded to include our friends at Girly Bits and Darling Diva Polish, and have an exclusive line at Femme Fatale Cosmetics. We're ecstatic to announce that, during our research phase right now, we've obtained permission from Colors by llarowe, NailNation, and Superficially Colorful to use their polishes as well! We love supporting indies and hope you're just as excited as us for these gorgeous additions to our jewelry line.