Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's Raving Reviews - Farm Hussy


I made my first purchase with Farm Hussy at the beginning of this month, a purchase I wish I could've made so much sooner.  I had been trying to deplete my massive handmade B&B stockpile before purchasing more (let me tell you, that's a difficult task for someone addicted to handmade!).  I heard about Farm Hussy through Sampler Village, an amazing sampler box that I've contributed to multiple times and that I am a team member of on Etsy.  I also became a Facebook group member as soon I discovered that they had one (in lieu of a fan page) and have been reading all the rave reviews of the products posted in the group.  I couldn't wait to try it for myself!

Farm Hussy is run by the amazingly creative and quirky Julie and her Bored of(ten) Directors, as the website creatively claims.  Her fantastically awesome skills at naming and creating stories for her products is a talent that I am supremely jealous of.  I'd love to have (or hire!) her skills!  Julie claims it's a gift that can sometimes curse her at 3 am with new ideas. :)

It being my first purchase, I didn't know what scents I wanted so I tried to get a random assortment and utilize reviews in the group from avid customers.  I bought two Udderly Ticked Lotions on their Item of the Month sale: one in Cherries, Berries, & Blossoms and the other was the monthly Grab Bag scent, which turned out to be Punkin Maple Hot Toddy.  I also bought the Recession Special, a great value for getting a "grab bag" of products, so to speak: I chose the Devine Bovine Butyere in Ex's Make Good Mulch and the Goat Milk n Honey Lotion in Oh MySor Raspberries (it also includes a perfume bottle, bath melt, and and lip balm).

I won't comment too much on the scents because I know everyone has different tastes when it comes to scents.  What I will say, as a very picky scent connoisseur, that I am VERY happy with all the scents I chose.  They are really strong and last long - perfect if you love your scent and don't want to worry about putting on perfume.  If you ever want opinions on scents before purchasing, posting in the Facebook group is a great way to learn from other customers about what they think.

What I really want to emphasize is the superior customer service Julie has.  First off, the communication is great.  She sends you an e-mail when you place your order, including cute little graphics and information about Farm Hussy products.  Then, she follows up with both an e-mail and a tracking number when your order has shipped.  You can't complain about that! :)

When your order arrives, it is CHOCK full of samples.  I swear, I got just as many samples as products I bought.  To me, this shows care and attention for my order.  My order was carefully packaged with love and I'm a HUGE fan of lots of samples!  Especially since I don't know what scents I want, this was a great and helpful way to try more.  I had already expressed my concerns about what to buy, and Julie truly delivered on her promise to include lots of samples - now THAT'S some quality customer service!  And these aren't dinky little half ounce samples - these could potentially be full-blown products.  That's what's so amazing about Julie: she's so generous of heart!  If you're buying from someone based on how many samples you get in your purchase, Farm Hussy's your new destination!

Her lotions are so thick and creamy.  Over the years, I have bought from several handmade bath and body vendors, and quickly determined my two favorites.  To my pleasant surprise, Farm Hussy trumped them both!  Being in CA, dry feet from flip flops is easy to acquire.  I've always felt handmade lotions are superior, and thicker, than commercial lotions, but I have never found one thick "enough".  The Bovine Buteyre is now my new go-to thick lotion and I'm so excited about it!  I'm definitely only buying this from now on for those tough dry skin areas.  I absolutely LOVE it.

Check out Farm Hussy's massive scent selection today - there's sure to be something for you!  And you definitely won't be disappointed in the quality of products and customer service.  Let Farm Hussy know that BKD Signature sent you!

{{Each Wednesday I review a business that I thought gave me a superior customer service experience and offers amazing products.  These are opinions only, for which I was not paid.  I'm simply sharing with the world about this awesome shop I discovered! :) }}