Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Mani: all the purples by Girly Bits

A few months ago, I created my most popular mani post to date.  I loved it so much, I really wanted to do it in other colors.  For a recent challenge in the Girly Bits fan group, I decided to use purples I own by GB to recreate the faux ombre I had previously done in green (but that was different indie makers).  I love this one just as much and I hope you do, too!  For the first time, I did these all under studio lighting.

Now, there's a little bit debate about my calling it a "faux ombre".  The art degree in me argues this counts as an ombre because it's the same color graded.  However, I've been told in the nail world an ombre is across fingers, and a gradient is per nail regardless of color choices.  I called it faux because I didn't blend.  But maybe it's faux because it's on each nail.  I'm curious your thoughts so please weigh in on the comments: do you categorize this as an ombre or a gradient?

I used Girly Bits Twitterpated, Remember Aja, and Seriously Sassy.  As usual, all applied beautifully.  Twitterpated was more sheer than I anticipated.  I ended up doing three coats because I don't like visible nail line.  Remember Aja I've already worn and it's one of my favorite purples of all time.  Seriously Sassy made the perfect tips.  I taped off on the diagonal and accented each polish with black striping tape.  I experimented on my thumb with one diagonal and one straight to see how it looks, and I totally like it and will do manis in the future this way.

What do you think of this look?  Are you excited for me to do other colors?

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own.  I am in no way affiliated with Girly Bits Cosmetics.  I purchased these items myself.

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