Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Mani: #52WPNMC with Picture Polish Tail Feather, Girly Bits What the Deuce, and A England Saint George

Week 35 of the 52 Week Pick N Mix Challenge is "patchwork" or "bright & happy".  I went with bright and happy.  I always think of yellow when I think "happy" (as most people probably do), but my first mani for this challenge was an epic fail.  I also think of bright green when I think happy so I went for something I haven't tried before and did a faux ombre on a diagonal with green.  I got a little impatient with applying the top coat so I had to do a little patch job to attempt to correct the smearing, but other than that I am SO stoked with how this looks.

Featured on bottom is three thin coats of Tail Feather by Picture Polish, a lime green bijou holo that leans to the mint side and is a little sheer.  Application was easy and did a good job of self-leveling (which it needed).  The middle color is What the Deuce? by Girly Bits, a kelly green holo shimmer that is saturated with color.  GB is always great, and I'm loving this color.  The darkest green, and last layer, is Saint George by A-England, which is described as a teal, but I would argue is more of a forest green loaded with holo.  I put skinny white striping tape on the two fingers that feature all three colors.

I'm definitely loving this nail art look and am going to try for some more faux ombres with other colors!

Indirect sunlight on the patio, afternoon sun

In the shade under trees

Somewhat direct afternoon sun

Indirect lighting on the patio, afternoon sun

Complete and direct afternoon sunlight

Monday Mani is about showcasing beautiful indie polishes that I've purchased through lifestyle shots. So many swatches out there are captured under lighting and conditions that aren't common of every day. My intention is to show mani's under typical lighting and wearing conditions so you can decide if the beauty is right for you or not. Please note that although colors are accurate on my computer monitor (Macbook Pro), colors do vary among devices. Professionals blogger swatches are perfect - here's my life lessons from a handmade artisan.

Disclaimer: All reviews and opinions are my own. Products were purchased with my own money. No affiliation with Picture Polish, Girly Bits, or A England and their respective products.

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