Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Mani: #52WPNMC - Elevation Walk A Little Farther and Girly Bits Winter Sanctuary

Week 32 of the #52WPNMC is about Outlines.  I wanted to try out my new zebra vinyls from Nail Vinyls and thought this was the perfect prompt to do so.  Now, as we've already learned, I don't own any neons, which, I have to admit, make for a pretty stellar zebra pattern.  So I had to make do.

Walk a Little Farther is from the January 2015 collection by Elevation Polish and is a soft baby blue with intense blue micro shimmer.  I wore it for one day on its own and got several compliments.  The shimmer is not that prominent unless under more intense lighting.  Formula was on the thick side so I actually created bubbles during application.  My nail chemistry has a harder time with EvP so I'm still working on my technique with it, but overall I would say it's a nice creme.

I laid down my nail vinyls and applied the sparkly gorgeousness that is Winter Sanctuary, a collaboration between Girly Bits and epic blogger Cosmetic Sanctuary.  It's a stunning medium to dark cobalt blue shimmolo with a hint of purple and a scattering of holo microglitter in it.  Now, I didn't put on enough to see the hints of purple, but I for sure see the lovely sparkliness of the microglitter.  This has quickly been put on my favorites list.

Here's my epic fail whale confession: I'm still perfecting my technique with vinyls in trying to figure out when to take them off for clean lines.  Instructions say right away, so the balance is trying to get the second polish on in one coat.  As a result, I tend to put on too thick a coat.  When I put on the PDQ top coat from Colors by Llarowe, it smeared Winter Sanctuary.  So I waited longer on the right hand before applying the quick dry topcoat (which seems counterintuitive, honestly) and it smeared a little less, but nonetheless smeared.  So not quite sure about that, but I'm hoping it's user error.

I definitely want to wear both these colors again, in a more monochromatic look to enjoy their full beauty.  Perhaps each with just tips for a little pizzazz (I'm starting to get bored with a monochromatic look, which is what I usually do to fully enjoy the beauty of polishes).  I'm loving the zebra look so I'll still be experimenting with those to get my technique perfected.

Let me know what you think in the comments!  Any tips or suggestions as to the smearing?

Indirect shade lighting

Indirect shade lighting

Indirect shade lighting

Indirect shade lighting

Indirect shade lighting

Direct sun lighting

Monday Mani is about showcasing beautiful indie polishes that I've purchased through lifestyle shots.  So many swatches out there are captured under lighting and conditions that aren't common of every day.  My intention is to show mani's under typical lighting and wearing conditions so you can decide if the beauty is right for you or not.  Please note that although colors are accurate on my computer monitor (Macbook Pro), colors do vary among devices.  Professionals blogger swatches are perfect - here's my life lessons from a handmade artisan.

Disclaimer:  All reviews and opinions are my own.  Products were purchased with my own money.  No affiliation with Girly Bits or Elevation Polish and their products.

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