Monday, January 5, 2015

Day2JNAC: 13 Days of January Nail Art Challenge - Happiness

So apparently I can't read and thought today's prompt was a tape mani.  Whoops!  BUT french tips *do* make me happy, so this still counts, right?  This was my first time using decorative tape so I still need some practice on using it right.  Also had trouble getting it to stick.  And WOW I did not realize how poor a clean-up job I did - once again that darn camera is unforgiving, huh?!

Although I prefer to freehand french tips, I used some tape guides to help me create tips on three nails, and accented my pointer with two strips of silver decorative tape.  I used BEWBS! and Ashes Ashes for the mani, both by Darling Diva.  Formulas are on the thicker side, but boy are they rich, deep colors kissed by holo.  Despite the formulas being a smidgen thick, it creates a solid finish - almost reminiscent of rubbery, perhaps - that is not prone to chippage.  The following are indoor pics from tonight, I'll do outdoor pics tomorrow if my mani survives well enough.

And outdoor pics in the shade!  With a JUICY bottle shot of BEWBS.


  1. Those Darling Divas look gorgeous on you!!!

  2. Cameras are definitely unforgiving, I often see things when I'm editing that I never would of seen otherwise... like dog hairs! Lol. But it's still a pretty good job, I like it!