Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How NOT to Nail a Sale at a Show and What You Should DO Instead

Being a successful handmade business owner means being subscribed to lots of e-mails filled with tons of advice from business experts around the globe in order to help you run your business in the best way possible for your customers.  Today I opened an e-mail from Tracy and Robin of Flourish & Thrive Academy that contained an anecdote about losing sales and advice about what to do to nail that sale at a show.  I have inserted it below because I just HAD to share it with you all: not only is it a good idea to constantly be gathering data and perspectives from your customers, but it's also important to constantly be evaluating what you're doing in your handmade business so that it's running at its optimum.

"I’m often seeking out vintage fine jewelry finds, I even showed up at a vintage jewelry show on the last day about 90 minutes before the show actually closed! I was amazed as I observed the “busy” booths and those that were “dead.”

I am obsessed with vintage jewelry. I collect it and I was trying to get in as much as I could. I found several pieces that I LOVED but wanted to think about. As I walked around, I heard a couple of people complaining about how terrible their sales were! In fact, I was STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HER ABOUT TO ASK TO SEE SOMETHING in her case.

Guess what I did?

I walked away! Yep, she lost the sale.

I found another amazing ring from another dealer with a snake motif. She and her partner were packing up and could barely give me the time of day. I LOVED the ring I tried on and it was a perfect fit. However, her level of service was awful so guess what I did....

I walked away! Yep she lost the sale too!

Next, I moved on to another booth and asked to look at something. Before the guy even took the necklace out of the case, he told me the price...when I didn’t ask. I still looked but guess what I did…(personally, I find this sales tactic as a sales repellent)...

I walked away! Another sale lost!

I came across a really busy booth. The two owners were each chatting up clients. I found several things I loved and asked if I could snap a few photos of the pieces I liked. Immediately, the owner engaged me and said, “I can open the case if you’d like better photos.” I thanked her and pulled out several pairs of earrings and a few other things I loved.

I ended up purchasing a piece (after the show) and will definitely be purchasing from her again.

The question I ask you. What made this person different than the rest of the people?

They all had lovely jewelry, but were they really deserving of my business? Only 1 out of these 4 people benefitted from my spontaneous jaunt to the trade show and I was ready to drop some cash!

Here is the lesson:
  • Make your clients feel important! They will remember and keep coming back for more.
  • Don’t EVER start your first interaction with a client by talking about price. I mean EVER! It’s a huge turnoff.
  • If they ask about price, talk about the benefits first, then tell them the price.
  • People who really love your work don’t buy because of price it’s because they love YOU and the work.
  • Anything can happen at the last minute, so don’t ignore the last minute stragglers. They could make or break your day!
  • The most positive people always win, have the best sales and make the most income. Always!

…....Even if their products are average.

Energy and keeping up the momentum is the MOST important factor to the success of your jewelry business..."

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