Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gifting Rachael Ray!

The past couple months have been a whirlwind for me. Between taking five grad school classes and ramping up my business, I've certainly had my hands full. In the midst of this stress came the EXCITING NEWS that I had been chosen for an exclusive celebrity gifting opportunity. I had the unbelievable honor of sending my products to Rachael Ray! Crazy heart pounding when you get that special e-mail with the exciting news!

So then the big question becomes: what do you choose to send for such an opportunity? Not only do you want the celebrity to like your stuff, but you also hope this opens the door to bigger and better things. I wrestled big time with what to send adorable little Rachael Ray - I didn't want to screw up the biggest opportunity that's happened for my business.

Sending her my famous Love in Bloom Collection seemed like a no brainer. It's become almost a signature look for my business, a second form of branding in a way, and is my most popular product by far. It appeals to all ages. I also remembered that she is a big advocate for animal rights and a supporter of animal shelters: she has her own line of dog food, her own foundation that supports animals, and is a spokesperson for the ASPCA. My Kitties in Love pendant was perfect. (I had almost forgotten that I carry this - I had neglected to place it in its own listing in addition to its inclusion in the Charity listing. Major booboo on my part seeing as it was a huge seller in the larger size). But I also didn't want to forget the home fragrance/decor aspect of my business. A 2 oz soy candle would still fit within the maximum size requirements and make an elegant gift. What scent? Birthday Cake, of course! One of my best sellers and makes perfect sense to give a chef. Even then, I hummed and hawwed about whether I made the right decision. I didn't think I'd second guess myself so much! I am just so honored and thankful to have the opportunity.

The gift is on its way to New York right now to her rep; it should arrive on Friday! I am so stoked. Friday the 13th - I embrace superstitions, I think they're good luck, so maybe this is a good omen for me! If anything, it's crazy exciting to think a celeb will soon own my stuff!

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