Saturday, February 11, 2012

My 3rd Etsyversary Celebration!!!

So my 3rd year Etsyversary is coming up on February 19th and I wanted to celebrate it BIG.  3 years seems to be a milestone in the Etsy world, usually because it signals that you've survived the nuances of owning a small handmade business in a big commercialized retail world and, hopefully, have reached several milestones to becoming a well-established shop.  Just this morning I reached sale number 5-0-0, a HUGE milestone, and I couldn't be more excited.  So I am fortunate enough to start celebrating several things today. :)

To thank my loyal fans, I have decided to host three GIGANTIC giveaways.  Below is one of the giveaways (due to glitches with it on FB) and the other is a tab on my BKD Signature FB fan page.  You have many opportunities to get entries so take advantage of them all!  {{Due to the recent problems with USPS and shipping internationally, these contests are only open to USA residents.}}

Giveaway #1 through Blog:
- Love in Bloom Collection
- 5 assorted graphic pendants
- Two 6 oz soy candles; one in Downy Fresh and one in Beach Daisies
- 3 pairs of cabochon earrings; one pair chrysanthemum, one pair hibiscus, one pair rose
Above in post

Giveaway #2 through Facebook Page:
- Love in Bloom Collection
- 1 pair rose cabochon earrings

Giveaway #2 Surprise Package to Unlock through Facebook Page:

{{To clarify, the "purchase" entry refers to new ones while the giveaway is open.  Purchase 5 items to get all 95 entries.}}

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Are the "purchases" individual items purchased or individual transactions regardless of number of items purchased? For instance, if I purchase 3 of your pendants in one transaction -- is that 3 purchases or just 1? Also, I see where the Tweet says it can be done daily, but can the FB posts be done daily as well? It seems like they can, since those options are available for me again, but they did not state that they could be done daily, like the Tweet option does. Thanks bunches!!!

  2. Individual items. :) It would be way too unfair of me to expect five transactions! So you've earned yourself ALL 5 entry lines for that.

    Hmmm, I thought it had that option. It should let you do the FB posts daily as well. I'll check on that.

  3. You may want to note that rafflecopter takes a bit to load on any system. Some people may not see the entry options above because it takes a while to load. Once it loads more people will enter