Thursday, May 15, 2014

BKD Signature Takes Giving Back To A New Level

As you all know, the furbaby assistants and I here at BKD Signature like to charitably give back to the animal shelters that have been a part of our lives.  Not only have I volunteered at several shelters, but I would not have been able to rescue my three kitties from the streets if it were not for the help of local shelters.  Over the years, we've run special auctions, promotions, and products that have benefited the various animal shelters we know on a personal level.  Amongst the many things we're researching right now during our down time is how to bring you newer and cooler products.  Among our ideas is a line of polish jewelry dedicated to donating proceeds to our animal charities.  One month after our grand reopening (tba), we're hoping to launch a special line of charity jewelry by teaming up with indie polish makers to create exclusive LE shades. The listing would consist of a special limited edition shade created by an awesome handmade polish maker and a piece of jewelry made by BKD Signature featuring said polish (basically, this listing would consist of two products - polish and necklace - for around $35 USD with 100% of proceeds going to a specific shelter).  Of course, this is all in the brainstorming phase, but we're optimistic we can make it possible! We're hoping to find indie brands eager to collaborate for our idea.  If you are the owner of a handmade nail polish brand interested in learning more about this idea, please leave a comment below or drop us an e-mail!  We anticipate this won't happen for another couple of months, but do realize that brainstorming early is important in order to accommodate for the creative process and testing periods of new polishes.

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