Friday, September 14, 2012

Review of Farm Hussy Scents Part II

Continued from the first post, here's five more new scents I've reviewed.  Like I said in my previous post, keep in mind not all sniffers are the same. :)

A Kiss Goodnight - Vanilla Amber, White Amber and Ginger, GingerFig
My review: Smells very similar to Bath & Body Works' White Tea & Ginger, except it smells a little more... sophisticated.  Hard to label what I'm thinking.  I see B&BW's scent as a good aromatherapy one, but Farm Hussy's is more of the perfume variety.  It doesn't have the sharp note of the tea and isn't overwhelmed with ginger.  But I'm not a big fan of ginger so perhaps I'm a little bit biased.  While it takes a few minutes for the warmth of your body to work its magic, the ambers take center stage and kick it up a notch.  I've always felt the ambers to be sophisticated, demure scents.

40 Winks - Satsuma, Sweet Orange, Vanilla Lace, Neroli
My review: Smells exactly like an orange creamsicle, stronger on the orange side than the cream.  If you love the smell of orange creamsicles, then you're definitely going to have to buy this scent.  This is for you.

Sugar Cyclone Waffle Cone: This impending storm of sugars, created with swirling notes of Waffle Cone, cake batter, maple syrup, marshmallow and a blast of buttercream will turn you into a real life Storm Chaser!
My review: In the bottle, the marshmallow and buttercream are very prominent notes.  Can smell a hint of cake batter.  Smells very similar to the Pink Sugar fragrance.  On me, the maple sugar note shines more.  While I normally like bakery scents, this one is too sweet for me.  I'm not a fan of the Pink Sugar scent, which this reminds me of, so I guess no surprise.  If you do like scents of the same sweet marshmallow variety, get this one.

Essence of Hussy: Vanilla Sandalwood, Satsuma, Honey Patchouli, and Tea Rose
My review: I was leery of this scent at first as I am usually not a big fan of satsuma or patchouli.  In the bottle, the satsuma and tea rose are very strong notes.  Once the scent had a chance to settle into my skin, the scent started to grow on me as the notes blended and complemented each other.  It reminds me of the late afternoon/early evening - around 6 - when I would be done with soccer practice in the fall, when the sun is starting to go down and the bugs are starting to come out and there's this orangish glow and scent in the air mixing with the musty linger of the leaves falling.

Gilded Lilies and Lilac - This isn't your typical Hillbilly hymn, this amazing floral melody brings together the best notes of lilac, ylang ylang sang with a chorus of jasmine, rose, lavender with a musk and chamomille crescendo.
My review: This is a custom blend inspired by a request I had so I was very excited to try this.  If you love flowery floral scents, this one is the ticket.  I thought it smelled more like star jasmine at first, but once it settled in, it didn't so much.  My nose picked up one note more so than the other - for some reason they weren't blending for my nose.  This one is definitely purely floral.

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