Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Welcome to my new blog!  In contrast to my previous (now closed) blog, I have created this blog to fuel my passion of helping other handmade sellers, and trying to find answers to those obvious topics that seem to go unanswered (and even if they ARE answered, the answers aren't free).  The purpose of this blog is not to solely focus on my Etsy business, but to focus on helping create success in all handmade businesses by providing advice about the obvious and not-so-obvious.  While I don't claim to be an "expert" as I could be considered by some to still be a newbie in the Etsy world at 2 1/2 years selling, I do enjoy the art of observation and analyzing (thus the degree in psychology).  While my experience lies in Etsy (as will also be the focus of this blog), I do hope what I have to say will translate to help all sellers of handmade.

In addition to my advice columns, I will be creating weekly blog posts dedicated to featuring shops I have had stellar shopping experiences with, and also featuring those shops that have worked hard for so many years but the Etsy gods seem to overlook.

I intend to create a positive atmosphere here so negativity will not be tolerated.  Not everyone will agree with what I and other readers have to comment on here and I want everyone to accept that - healthy debate creates open minds and great ideas.

Happy creating to you!

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